Father and Son get treated at Bribie Osteopathy

For a comprehensive list of areas of the body we address, (although it would be too hard to mention everything),  please look under the heading Location of Pain.

It is not an Osteopaths job or place to claim to cure disease. Osteopaths work with the body to increase vitality and health by restoring balance.

There are many benefits for the body once a healthier environment is established. The body is capable of healing in amazing ways. How else would you be able to recover from a surgery or an injury? Does the surgeon heal the tissue? No, it is you!

As adults, we are responsible for our own health. However, with the demands of today, it is easy to become out of balance. This is when life starts to become a struggle.

Come in and see how Osteopathy can ease the “struggle” and help you gain flow in your life again.

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