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Athletes are an interesting group to work with. They have often had therapies that are “no pain no gain”. They sometimes have the same approach to their training.

Athletes are often surprised how the gentle unwinding approaches I use can work so deeply and be so restorative.

When the body is really “listened to” it doesn’t need a lot of pushing and shoving to correct. It has its own wisdom and will always let a skilled practitioner know what needs to happen in the session.

That is not to say that I do not do a thorough orthopaedic/or neurological examination when required. It means that some of the more subtle messages in the body will only be heard through quiet, gentle contact and a responsive rather than assertive approach.

Athletes are often surprised how they can feel sore the next day after such a gentle treatment.

Do you tear the same hamstring all the time? It could be because you have pelvic imbalances that haven’t been addressed.

Does your neck give you trouble when training no matter how much therapy you have had on it? Perhaps your upper back and ribs are the PRIMARY issue.

It is the Osteopathic training that sets us apart from other therapies as we look at the whole body in relation to your issue.

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