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Why would a baby need treatment? They are so flexible!

Being born is hard work for both Mother and Baby. The strains that can occur during childbirth become part of the baby’s and mother’s posture. Children grow into their strains. “As the twig is bent, so doth the tree incline” is an old saying in Osteopathy that means exactly this.

The Osteopathic techniques that I use are extremely gentle and come from many years of postgraduate study in Craniosacral Osteopathy and Osteopathy in the Cranial field.

There is no “cracking” or forceful techniques or hanging baby upside down. None of this is necessary to achieve balance. Babies are the boss; their bodies are so vital and intelligent that they are extremely responsive to the most subtle techniques.

Some of the Babies that have come to me for treatment have presented with the following issues.

Torticollis (stiff neck)

Traumatic Births

Plagiocephaly (Misshapen heads)


Hip and leg stiffness

Some of the reasons Mums might bring their child in to see me.

Baby won’t settle

Latching/feeding issues – I often work in conjunction with a good lactation consultant

Turns head to one side only

Bottom shufflers

Crab crawlers

This list is a very small representation of the most common complaints I have seen. Please call me to discuss your baby. No two babies are the same (not even identical twins!).

We will sit down together and review your birthing process, allowing your baby to become settled in their environment. Gentle examination and treatment can occur during feeding, playtime or while looking at toys and books while lying down or even seated.

After a few treatments (often after one), you may notice things like “tummy time” is easier, feeding is easier, sleep is more regular. Every baby is different.

Often you will be given some “homework” to do with your baby to encourage further balance within the tissues.

After an initial 3-4 weekly sessions, I encourage Mum to use her intuition as to when her child may need another treatment. Often after a growth spurt or a fall or teething or something else that creates an imbalance in the system, Mum will notice their baby seems unsettled again.

Often a single treatment will be enough to restore the natural order of things.

After all, it is the body that self regulates and heals.

There are times when it is necessary to refer to other health professionals. This is an important part of having a practitioner you can trust.

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