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I find that a lot of my patients are carers and other therapists.

Lifting our unwell loved ones, being responsible for the care of others all day, often leads to the body becoming depleted/ sore and exhausted.

There are many techniques in Osteopathy that are designed to be restorative to the body.

Osteopaths consider the ANS (autonomic nervous system) to be very important to address. This is our “flight or fight”/”rest and digest” automatic aspect that is often linked to our emotional body.

Treating restrictions in the diaphragm and ribs is a good place to start. Many of us breath very shallow and often hold our breath throughout the day. Restoring balance to the breath via the ANS can have surprisingly restorative results.

Apart from this, there is the normal postural strain that needs to be offloaded.

I find that Osteopathy helps to “lighten my load” when I have a lot of patients to treat and I have already had a busy week.

The same approach of restoring balance and fluidity and finding the primary issues that are impeding the body’s natural vitality; applies to all patients.

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