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The gentle approach of the osteopathy that I use is just as useful an approach for the elderly for the same reason it is for children. There is no forceful “cracking” techniques and the approach is a gentle unwinding of the body being guided by how the tissue responds.

Although we do not offer “cures” for ailments in the elderly (or any other patient for that matter). I am happy to speak to anyone who wishes to feel more comfortable in their own skin and is looking for health and vitality.

I will mention a few conditions along with simple, straightforward anatomical reasoning as to why Osteopathy may benefit the elderly patient.

There are many ways to health so please call me and discuss your or your loved one’s condition. I love a good story!


Assisting muscles to release so they can work more efficiently. Unwinding and balancing ligamentous strain to allow a more balanced state in the joints.

Releasing fascia (a connective tissue that wraps and encases many other tissues). Fascia holds memory from old traumas.

Treating imbalances in these tissues allows the body to cope better with day to day movement.

A balanced exercise program is something that is encouraged as well to build strength and cushion the joints. (Muscles are the body’s “shock absorbers”).

Breathing Issues

After these issues have been checked by a GP and/or further specialties, it is important to recognise that the Thoracic diaphragm (breathing muscle), intercostals (muscles that move the ribs), as well as many other muscles can become strained and out of balance through habitually poor breathing habits and disease which creates a downward health spiral.

Gently releasing any restrictions that often occur from breathing issues can help the body work more efficiently. I often incorporate breathing exercises and mindfulness of breath to help restore balance.

Lack of Exercise

We know the adage “move it or lose it”. It has been shown more and more that movement is the key to a healthy life.

It’s hard to move when you are in pain and when you are stiff.

Sometimes I have found elderly people who have previously been inactive have found their way back to movement after freeing up stiff areas that they have struggled with.

I often encourage working in water and gentle stretching and strengthening work as well as doing something they enjoy.

If you don’t like doing something, chances are you won’t keep it up!

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