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At Bribie Osteopathy, we do not use any strong manipulation. Apart from an occasional “feel good pain” from releasing a tight muscle. Most of the treatment is very subtle and patients are often surprised at the changes that they experience over the next day or two after treatment.

There are so many vital structures in this area. Nerves, veins and arteries as well as joints/ muscle and fascia somehow manage to fit and function in very small spaces until something puts them out of balance.

Occupational Strain

There are many occupations that can contribute to neck strain. It is important to pinpoint areas of concern and unload the body using techniques that focus around opening the posture and freeing up areas of restriction so blood and nerve flow can improve.


These can relate to eye strain, teeth issues, upper cervical (neck), TMJ (jaw), breathing issues as well as many more possibilities. It is important to know where the headache is coming from and why it is triggered.

Cranial imbalances from old injuries can also add to the picture as well as repetitive posturing that creates strain. Osteopathic training allows us to look at the whole picture and treat and/or refer as necessary.

Sinus Headaches are becoming more commonplace and there are certain drainage techniques that can assist to lighten the load on the sinuses. Dairy products and seasonal allergies are often contributors. Referral is important at times to rule out any underlying infection or pathology.


Another very complex issue. Some of the causes are mentioned under headaches. In fact, a cervicogenic migraine is possible as well, which is a migraine created by imbalances in the neck.

Usually (but not always) includes visual disturbances and nausea.

 Inflammatory changes of the blood vessels are thought to be a cause and drug treatment is often aimed at this.

Migraines have triggers including hormonal and weather changes, foods (chocolate, oranges etc.), lack of sleep.

There are many gentle techniques that can aid drainage to the head and rebalance the head, neck, and cranium.

Tinnitus/ Dizziness / Vertigo

The inner ear, the upper cervical spine, eye problems, as well as other cranial imbalances can cause and contribute to these issues.

Blood pressure, blood supply to the head and certain prescription drugs may also cause a problem. Degenerative neural changes can also play a part.

Something as simple as shallow breathing may also contribute to these issues.

A thorough history and examination can lead the path to an effective treatment.

TMJ (Jaw) / Malocclusion (Teeth not lining up)

Crossbite/Overbite/Underbite/Mouth breathing and crowding of the teeth.

These are issues that are often related to headaches, sore jaws and even postural issues.

As a cranial Osteopath, I work with the whole body, not just the head, although working with patients with these issues is commonplace in my practice. It is very important to look at cranial strains, the jaw, the neck and any other areas (sometimes the feet!), to see where the postural driver or primary imbalance is.

I like to work with dentists as a professional team and often find wholistic dentists have a broader view of how my work can help them.

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