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A woman’s body is truly miraculous!

Pregnancy and Birth still can take their toll. Sometimes when a mother brings her baby in for treatment it its very clear that the mother needs the treatment more. I have written a couple of the more common conditions as there are too many to list. It is important to ask about your state of health. No two pregnancies or births are the same.

Pregnancy issues can include:

Reflux/Heartburn/Shortness of Breath

The thoracic diaphragm and ribs need to stretch to accommodate the baby as it grows. Regular treatment of these areas especially around the transitional times when the body needs to make room for the growing Foetus, can allow a bit more space to breathe and move.

Sacroiliac strain / (often called hip pain by patients)

The pelvis carries the weight of the baby between the two hips and the sacrum (bottom of the spine). Balancing the muscles, joints and pelvic floor can assist the body to carry the weight of the baby a bit more evenly, minimising unnecessary strain.

Post birth issues can include:

Back strain

Breast feeding problems Bribie Osteopathy

It is important to re-balance the pelvis and the pelvic and thoracic diaphragm to help re-balance the body after birth. Sacral sag from fast births can also occur. The sacrum is a crucial structure to re-balance and the cranium is the other end of the spine which I also carefully assess and treat to allow the whole spine to balance.


OK, this takes time and persistence depending on how traumatic the birth. I have seen Mums that have been given exercises that they have no chance of being able to do until the pelvic floor is released and balanced from strain. It is important to be aware of when to refer on for further repair of a possible prolapse.


Back/neck strain from feeding

You deserve to be as comfortable as possible while feeding. Whether breast or bottle feeding, your ease or lack of comfort will be picked up by the baby. Osteopaths work in ways to maximise comfort for both mother and baby.




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