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At Bribie Osteopathy, we like to hear your story. We are interested in what your body does all day as it gives a history and a patterning of your musculoskeletal system. There are repetitive aspects to every job.

Repetitive activities can strain the body and contribute to deconditioning and poor function. The goal is to free up your body and find simple ways to break the cycle of repetitive strain.

Repetitive strain is a term commonly used to describe a variety of symptoms that occur in the Upper Limb. Depending on your job, it is common sense to know that this repetitive patterning can occur in any limb given what the repetitive movement or posturing is.

I have included a few examples on this website. It is by no means exhaustive so please call and chat to me about your specific aches and pains. Together we can work towards a solution.

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