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Office Work Bribie Osteopathy

There are many changes that can happen to you body from sitting at a desk all day.

Osteopathy is designed to look at the way your whole body is responding to your work.

Wrist pain – this is often from repetitive postural strain. Trigger points in muscles, overused tendons, ligament strain, ribs that restrict blood and nerve flow.

Neck pain – How high is your monitor? How “switched on” are the postural muscles that are designed to support you all day? Strengthening and stretching are very helpful but sometimes the body needs to be freed up in a way that allows pain free movement so that the body can strengthen.

Lower back pain – Do you have a sit to stand desk? Is your chair ok?

These are some of the things I can make recommendations to your employer about. The lower back often has a history of issues that may relate to old strains, falls, births etc.

Osteopathy looks at the lower back in relation to the hips, pelvis and even the whole spine and neck to help gently release old tissue tensions and habits. This allows the body’s natural vitality to start to guide your body in a more natural way.

These few guides are only the tip of the iceberg that is you! There is so much potential to explore and many issues that can be addressed to increase vitality and minimise unnecessary discomfort.

Give me a call and we can discuss your current condition.

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