On Your Feet All Day

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When you are on your feet all day, any issue can come to light.

Unstable lower backs can start to complain, (this often points to a restriction elsewhere in the body that the lower back is compensating for).

Even foot pain may be more from a postural issue higher up in the body that has caused the feet to be under excessive strain (the pelvic floor can do this for example).

Thoracic (middle to upper back) pain, can be from incorrect breathing patterns, unstable core and back muscles or even a visceral (Stomach, liver etc.) issue that has not been looked at.

Osteopaths are trained to know when to refer to a GP or other medical professional for further testing if pain is not responding to treatment.

Proprioceptive Insoles may also be helpful in cases where the postural muscles in the body need to be “switched on” once the Osteopath has freed up restrictions.

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