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Prokinetics Insoles

Why are prokinetics different?

Prokinetics are very different to conventional rigid orthotics, they are what is called a “proprioceptive insole”.

This means they engage the central nervous system to help the feet and posture become stronger and more balanced. Prokinetic s are based on cutting-edge kinetic technology. They help realign the posture and take undue pressure off the feet while improving function and performance.


ProKinetics insoles help your body by taking undue pressure off the feet and helping realign posture, thereby improving your body’s function and performance, reducing joint pain, including low back, knee and hip pain. If you’re dealing with joint pain, for example foot, knee, hip or back pain, or suffer sporting injuries or conditions such as Plantar fasciitis, ProKinetics can help you in an easy and comfortable way.


ProKinetics are also less expensive and less time consuming to assess and fit. They allow your feet freedom from restriction while naturally activating and balancing  tension in the muscles of the foot and leg.

ProKinetics must be fitted by a trained healthcare practitioner in order to ensure you receive proper assessment. While they look simple in design, they need to be fitted right to avoid exacerbating any symptoms.


All ProKinetics products have with a 30-day money back guarantee. Personally, I have noticed a very high compliance rate with only one patient returning them.

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