Types of Scoliosis Bribie Osteopathy

A scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine.

It is important to detect and refer severe cases of scoliosis (> 45-50 deg normally needing spinal surgery).

After saying this, there are many people with varying degrees of curvature in their back that they cope with quite well without intervention.

Sometimes practitioners will see a mild scoliosis and blame all the patient’s discomfort on a curvature that the body has had since birth. It is not helpful and at times may be detrimental if it stops patients from seeing themselves as healthy individuals.

It is important to look at each patient on a case by case basis. Rather than labelling the patient with a “condition”. Osteopathy is not a “recipe book” approach that applies the same treatment for everyone.

We look at the body and assist the compensation patterns that are already in place by freeing up the body and helping it cope with the scoliosis and/or any other strain patterns that may be destabilising them. Exercises that strengthen and stretch the body are often very helpful as well to keep the body freed up.

Every patient is different. Management of Scoliosis depends in the severity and effects on the body. True health is a collaborative effort that requires both patient and sometimes, practitioner input.

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