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Tradies often work long hours and have issues with constant heavy lifting and repetitive strain.

From crawling into tight spaces to awkwardly lifting and reaching, the body needs to be as supple as possible to allow fluid motion.

Osteopathy is designed to “offload” the system from restrictions and restore a more fluid motion.

Some examples from experience I can mention are:

Carpenters – wrist issues can sometimes relate to restrictions in upper ribs from constantly carrying timber etc., on one shoulder. As soon as the ribs are freed up, the wrist pain subsides.

Electricians – crawling into tight spaces causing one sided lower back pain. An old skiing injury in the hip was causing compression in the hip and this affected the lower back. Once the hip was freed up the back started to work better and no more pain.

ChefsChronic knee pain that needed correction of the foot as an old ankle sprain was never addressed.

The key to Osteopathic work is working out WHY the issue keeps occurring and where the PRIMARY postural problem is. It may not be anywhere near where the symptom of pain is.

That takes experience, expertise and a wholistic approach to “think outside the square”.

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