Upper/Middle Back

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Upper back pain can be pain between or under the scapula (shoulder blades), clavicle (collar bone) or even what people consider to be neck pain can be coming from the upper back.

Pain further down the back (middle back) is also taken into consideration as the thoracic diaphragm (breathing muscle) has many attachments both onto the skeletal system and the organs attaching to it.

Ribs/Breathing/Posture Relationship

Ribs are a common issue as most of the muscles of the upper limb pull on the ribs as an anchor to move the arms around.

Breathing, posture and stress are three common triggers for upper back pain, and they are often integrally linked.

Other areas

Often areas where the body changes its curve (upper back to lower back, upper back to neck). These are called transitional areas and can often ache due to one area trying to balance the other (compensation).

Repetitive strain

Repetitive strain from the upper limbs can also be the Primary issue as to why persistent upper back pain occurs. It is important to recognise and address this if needed.

Referred Pain

This area of the back supplies shares its nerve supply with the organs in the chest and some of the digestive organs.

It is important to seek advice and treatment from an Osteopath who will look at the body as a whole and work out what the Primary issue is rather than just treat symptomatically. Osteopaths are trained to recognise when to refer to a GP/Specialist for further investigation.

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