What is Osteopathy?

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Osteopathy is a “hands on” system of health and healing that is part of the Allied Health profession. Allied Health means we are primary healthcare providers. Our job includes diagnosis and evaluation of health and/ or prevention of diseases and disorders. This includes referral to a General Practitioner or another health care professional when needed.

On saying this, our main aim is to seek out the health within an individual. A person can still strive to be the healthiest they can even when they are struggling with a disease.

Health is present in the body at all ages, even at all stages of disease. The body is always working to try to heal itself. Our role is to help the body function the best way it can so it can work it’s magic.

The four main principles of Osteopathy are:

1) The body work as a whole unit; body, mind, and spirit.

The fundamental difference between osteopathic and conventional training is that we work with the unity of the organism, as opposed to breaking the body down into separate parts.

The body works as a sum of its parts. It all works as one. Osteopathic principles are designed to work on many physiological functions at once. To recognise the interconnection of all the body systems. This requires a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology which is a huge part of our training.

2) The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance.

This principle is the key to osteopathic medicine, hands on treatment is designed to support and help the natural ability of the body to heal and self-regulate.

3) Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) relies on the understanding of the relationship between structure and function of the body and how one relies on the other. Without a stable structure, its is hard for the body to function. Without restoring function, the structure eventually suffers.

4) Rational treatment is based upon an understanding of above three principles.

The patient’s inherent vitality and health is our primary focus in every session.  Through these  core principles of osteopathic medicine, Osteopaths have been using techniques handed down since 1892. The practice of hands-on treatment applies osteopathic principles in a direct, specific and unique way to relieve suffering and enhance healthy function.

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