Ear Pain treated by Bribie Osteopathy

Ear pain is an awful sensation. One of the main causes of ear pain is the infection in an ear. This may also affect the hearing ability of the patient. Acute otitis media is a condition normally observed in children, which is an inflammation of the middle ear.

The Eustachian tube is a part of an ear that can become affected by the otitis media. However, as we grow, this tube goes from horizontal to vertical to allow better drainage and as a result, most of us have less frequent episodes of acute otitis media.

The malfunction of Eustachian tube or its inability to open correctly results in the accumulation of fluid in the canal. The retention of this fluid may cause pain, hearing problems, dizziness, and infections.

Treatment of ear pain includes the administration of antibiotics and can even involve surgery. However, osteopathic treatment is a conservative option that is a non-invasive and medication-free method that you may want to try after seeing your GP for any appropriate scans or medications. At Bribie Osteopathy, we know there may be many different reasons for ear pain.

Different reasons for ear pain

This list is some of the reasons you may have ear pain.

Ear Infection

Trigger points in muscles referring into the ear.

Temporomandibular (TMJ/Jaw) problems

Dental Issues

Referral from facet joints in the neck

Cranial Bone restrictions

How does Osteopathic Treatment help?

Osteopathy is a type of treatment, which relies on the identification of the root cause and then working with Osteopathic techniques to deal with the problem. While treating ear pain, an osteopathconsiders numerous factors that may have an influence regarding the development of such an imbalance.

One of these factors is the physiological movement of the temporal bones. These bones normally move in a rhythmical pattern. The rotation is both internal and external. If the motion of one or both these bones creates a restriction, it often leads to congestion and may contribute to a blockage in the Eustachian tube due to decreased drainage from the restricted movement.

As a result, fluid may start to accumulate in the middle ear, causing the right environment for an opportunistic infection causing inflammation and eventually pain. These are the symptoms of otitis media.

This type of cranial somatic dysfunction may be the result of hypertonicity of the sterno-cleido-mastoid (SCM) muscle or birth trauma. The SCM muscle can have tight muscle bands or “trigger points that refer into the ear or the tension of a shortened SCM may restrict the temporal bone as it is attached to it. An Osteopath appreciates and can discern the differences by examination and palpation of the tissues involved.

Our osteopaths look for the ligamentous strain patterns, cranial strain patterns, somatic dysfunction, and sacral dysfunction (yes the other end of the spine may have a restriction that effects the cranium!). The osteopathic treatment plan includes the release of these restrictions by utilizing myofascial, osteopathic manipulative, and cranial release techniques.

Osteopathy for Whole Body Health

Here at Bribie Osteopathy,our experienced and qualified osteopaths utilize many different osteopathic techniques while using the wholistic (whole body) osteopathic approach to treat ear pain. While identifying the cause of this dysfunction, the osteopath examines the patient as a whole. The focus of an osteopathy treatment is not just related to the ear, but it analyzes the appropriate body systems and anatomy to see how they may have contributed to this issue.

Why us

AtBribie Island Osteopathy,we have over 25 years of experience in treating a variety of patients with many different conditions.

Osteopathic training is 5 years full time at University at Graduate and Masters level with many post graduate courses. We are constantly upgrading our expertise and skill level.

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